World Forum The Hague bikes to IMEX for a safer and more vital world

Biking more than 500 kilometers from World Forum The Hague to IMEX 2019 in Frankfurt: five World Forum team members will go on this journey from May 13 to May 21 for War Child, the charity that they have been supporting for years. Team work, vitality and building a safer world in the city of peace and justice will be the core of this campaign. For the first time since IMEX was founded, a tour of such extent has been organized to raise money for charity.

IMEX Frankfurt

Diana Weber (The Imagineer), Maaike Hamann (The Vitalist), Michelle Gilissen (The Challenger), Soraya Drost (The Force) and Arjan van Mourik (The Controller) will start their 500-kilometer-long journey on May 13 at World Forum The Hague. Alderman Richard de Mos will officially kick off the campaign at the World Forum office and business partners, friends, family and colleagues will bike together with the team to the Peace Palace, the international symbol of peace and justice located in The Hague to wave good bye. From that point, the five cyclists will continue to Tilburg and Venlo, cross the border with Germany and proceed to Düsseldorf, Bonn, Koblenz and Mainz. On May 21, they will touch the finish line at IMEX, the international events fair, in Frankfurt. [embed width="750" height="500"][/embed]  

Vitality at conventions

The Netherlands is globally famous for being a ‘bike-country’; there are even more bikes than people. Going on this journey by bike was a conscious choice as biking daily contributes positively to a vital lifestyle and a clean environment. Moreover, vitality is the focus point in this campaign and within the company. World Forum wants vitality to be an essential of conventions and it wants to keep its own team energized and vital by offering sports classes and healthy food. Kirsten Vosmer, Commercial Manager at World Forum The Hague, explains: “Healthy food creates happy people. Healthy food and eating consciously gives both guests and employees more energy during the day. Happy and vital people is our goal at World Forum The Hague!”

Healthy catering

On March 14, this new vitality program was already highlighted during R.evolution of events. Special vital menus were created by Maître Frederic, Richard de Leth, MSc and the convention center. In addition to the right nutrition, exercising, relaxing and mindset are part of this concept. That’s why it’s possible to take part in a work out at the park, join yoga classes or go for a walk before or after lunchtime during a conference. It has been proven that by just being physically active for only a half an hour the brain gets stimulated which increases the ability to focus. The World Forum team has accepted the ultimate challenge: biking up to 100 kilometers every day for one week!

War Child

The World Forum team will bike for War Child, the charity that works on building a safer world. The two companies have been Business Friends since 2015, meaning World Forum joined a worldwide network of socially engaged entrepreneurs. You can also support this unique campaign yourself. World Forum The Hague wants to raise as much money as possible to contribute to building a safer world for all.

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