MPI European Meetings & Events Conference in 2019 in the Netherlands

MPI's European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) will take place in World Forum The Hague from 9th to 12th February 2019, with side programmes in other cities. MPI Netherlands announced this on February 14 at the SITE + MPI Global Forum in Rome. The Dutch department of Meeting Planners International focused on winning a bid for the EMEC two years ago. In the past few months the MPI board worked together with The Hague Convention Bureau, World Forum The Hague and other involved partners on a proposal unanimously chosen by MPI Global.

Changing the game

With the subtitle 'Changing the Game', the organisation of EMEC 2019 made a promise that was well received by the approximately 600 international meeting professionals in Rome. MPI Netherlands has experimented a lot over the past years with both the form and the content of the educational events and the annual conference. MPI Global is also happy to see this innovation applied to the European conference.

Entirely under its own management

One of the determining reasons in this decision was the proposal to organise the EMEC entirely under its own management by MPI Netherlands. In previous editions, MPI Global was the organiser and responsible for the conference's (financial) success. Gijs Verbeek, director of MPI Netherlands: "It is an explicit wish for MPI NL to bear final responsibility for both programme, form and content. We have presented this at MPI Global for two years, but letting go of the responsibility required some time and trust. Now is the time and we are going on this adventure together, the involvement from the US is still enormous."

Voluntary contribution

In the Netherlands, MPI focuses fully on the voluntary contribution of professionals from the meeting and event industry. Robbert Weddepohl, brand new chairman of MPI Netherlands: "MPI's power is the enormous voluntary commitment from everyone, whether it concerns the organisation of our events, the marketing communication or the provision of training. We realise that the organisation of the EMEC will put extra pressure on this in 2019 and that is why we decided that in 2019 we will not organise a national MPI conference besides EMEC. The regular educational events of which we organise about six to eight per year will continue as usual, but the national annual conference will be replaced by the European conference in 2019." Separate foundation A separate conference foundation has been set up for the organisation of the EMEC 2019. In the coming months, the conference committee will be put together and the programme further completed.

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