MindMeeting and Asia Concentrate launch joint venture Orange Gibbon

MindMeeting and Asia Concentrate have agreed on a joint venture that will provide meeting design services for Far East markets. The new company will have the name Orange Gibbon and it will be offering advanced meeting design solutions for anyone holding meetings.

Meeting design services

Starting from March, 2018, Taipei-based Asia Concentrate will offer meeting design services to clients in the Chinese speaking Far East. Clients include corporate, government and association organisations. These services will be provided jointly with meeting design agency MindMeeting from the Netherlands. Together they are called: Orange Gibbon. Orange Gibbon offers a 360 degrees package of services to create change and increase meeting effectiveness and efficiency. This includes: the application of selected formats to specific sessions during meetings and events; full-fledged meeting design; change programmes for day-to-day internal meetings; facilitation and moderation. Where needed, the new joint venture will work with local, external partners for ancillary services, such logistics.

Han Chiang

Asian Concentrate co-founder and owner Han Chiang explains: “Life will find its way, people say. Back to 2015 when we first talked to Mike and Eric, I never thought Orange Gibbon would swing into our business life. In the first place, we found meeting design is very interesting and, with women sixth sense, we decide to introduce this into Asia market. It is not just two gentlemen from Netherlands showing us the great power of meeting design, but also our two ladies in Taipei finding a perfect solution to dull meetings. So, we started our first trial in Watermelon Camp and it brought us such impressive impact, to both the participants and us as organisers! Plus, we gibbons share the same vision of the meeting future, which builds up our tribe now in Asia."

Mike van der Vijver

For MindMeeting, the cooperation is a logical next step after earlier activities in Taiwan, says MindMeeting’s co-founder, owner and managing partner Mike van der Vijver. “We have visited Taiwan several times in the past few years, raising the awareness about the importance of well-designed meetings and conference programmes in a number of workshops and trainings. Asia Concentrate facilitated these events and has begun to open up the market for Meeting Design. With Asia Concentrate, we have found a local partner who shares our views on the future of meetings. And even more importantly, we have found a great alignment around such shared values as friendship and fun. People often think that you can’t – you shouldn’t! - found a business cooperation on human connections like this, but we fundamentally disagree. MindMeeting’s international expansion is essentially rooted in shared values. We are extremely pleased that we have found the same spirit that has always distinguished MindMeeting in Taiwan, as well.”

Meeting Design Week in Taiwan

Orange Gibbon starts off fast and intensely: In the third week of June, Taiwan will experience the first-ever Meeting Design Week. The programme will feature meeting design training, cooperation with universities to innovate teaching formats. Also, the third edition of the Watermelon Camp, a training programme with unconventional teaching methods for innovative thinkers, will take place during the Meeting Design Week. This year’s Watermelon Camp will be dedicated to The Power of Meetings.

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