Leiden European City of Science in 2022

Leiden will be the European City of Science in 2022. The ESOF Supervisory Board of EuroScience has awarded the organisation of the EuroScience Open Forum to the two cities of Trieste and Leiden. ESOF 2020 is going to be organised by the Italian city of Trieste and Leiden has been given the honour of organising the prestigious conference in 2022. On 29 June both cities presented their proposal in Strasbourg. Leiden University, the Municipality of Leiden, Leiden Marketing and The Hague Convention Bureau have successfully joined forces for the organisation in Leiden.

Both impressive and solid

The ESOF Supervisory Board considered the proposals from Trieste and Leiden to be both impressive and solid. Based on that the decision was made to award both candidates with the ‘European City of Science’ title in 2020 and 2022. The choice for Trieste in 2020 is the result of the links between Trieste and Eastern Europe and Central Eastern European scientists, business networks, politics and society in which ESOF2020 is used as connecting factor. Conversely, as a centuries-old European city of science and culture, Leiden is acclaimed for its university and is famous for its mathematical, natural, health and social sciences. The city with its Leiden BioScience Park is the perfect example of the connection between science and its many applications, just as The Hague has a reputation as the city of International Peace and Justice. Prof. Gail Cardew, chair of the ESOF Supervisory Board: “The distinctly different traditions of Trieste and Leiden and the diversity in research, the creation of business connections and social commitment will enrich the ESOF immensely. We are looking forward to jointly developing a strong and challenging programme with the organisers of both cities”.

Leiden University

The Leiden candidacy is being carried on two local champions of Leiden University, Prof. Dr Corinne Hofman and Prof. Dr Ferry Breedveld. Both are very proud of the result. “The fact that we have been awarded this conference re-emphasises our scientific position as a city of knowledge once again. Europe’s biggest multidisciplinary science conference will bring a delegation of over 4,500 scientists and technology leaders to Leiden in 2022. The theme of ‘Science, The infinite Source of Discoveries’ will seamlessly connect to the city’s motto which is ‘Leiden, City of Discoveries’”. Mayor Henri Lenferink adds, “I am very proud of this collaboration. It illustrates once again the enormous ambition of this city and its university to profile Leiden as international city of knowledge. The fact that the ESOF Supervisory Board has opted for Leiden in 2022 is proof that this is being recognised elsewhere.”

Leiden Convention Bureau

Director Martijn Bulthuis of Leiden Marketing emphasises that he is convinced the conference will make a huge contribution to Leiden’s positioning. “In addition to its reputation as an international city of knowledge, we can expect a huge economic spin-off in 2022, as experience has shown in other cities”, he says very proudly. Yvonne Kret, who is the manager of Leiden Convention Bureau, confirms that the introduction of ESOF Leiden as conference city will give a huge impulse and refers to it as “An excellent opportunity for our Leiden Convention Bureau”.  

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