Launch of spoken word agency 'Clubspoken'

Clubspoken, the first agency for spoken word artists and storytellers in the Netherlands, was launched on 15 June. The agency will serve as a platform for bookers and events agencies, enabling them to find spoken word artists and storytellers to act as speakers, poets or sideshow artists.

Spoken word

Spoken word is a form of performance poetry and can increasingly be found in theatres, at festivals and in TV advertising. Initiator Justin Samgar compares the development of spoken word with that of comedy: "When so much comedy talent became available, Comedytrain was set up in order to offer that talent support and guidance. The spoken word scene is now going through a similar development. Companies such as Menzis, Miss Etam and ING recognise that it is a particularly powerful form of storytelling and are using it their advertising. At the same time, many talented artists are actively looking for support and guidance. In setting up Clubspoken, we hope to meet both of these demands." Clubspoken's staff includes business manager Justin Samgar and talent coaches Derek Otte and Babs Gons.  

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