FRESH19 dips into festivals and art

FRESH19, the annual international meeting design conference that helps to improve meetings and presentations, will take place this year in Turnhout in Belgium, 13 - 15 October. Event managers and meeting planners will learn of lot of new insights and formats from the festival scene and art world. Meeting design is a growing new activity that offers answers to the classic criticism of meeting. FRESH19 demonstrates alternative formats and techniques for conferences, for meetings, sessions and presentations. You will discover all kinds of tools, technology, moderators, speakers, performers and much more. You can also meet wonderful people there; future colleagues, friends or business partners.


This year the FRESH theme is "Festivalisation". Participants will receive creative input to keep their events or congresses cool for future generations. The director of the world's largest arts festival gives tips and explanations. New is a dedicated hall about art for events.  During coffee breaks and lunches delegates can experience different types of art that they can use during meetings and events. Ozark Henry does unparalleled demonstrations of 3D sound for events as part of the Conference Art (C-art) showcase.

Small destination

Furthermore there is a focus on small destination, like Turnhout is unknown in the international event world, not exactly in the picture as a congress city. Key-note speaker Paul Gudgin will explain why and how small cities or even villages are sometimes big in events. FRESH participants experience the pros and cons of such an alternative destination. On Monday evening during the first "Turnova Night" they will discover the art academy as a meeting place, what Theater STAP does for events, the beautiful old Theater 1900 under construction, and the brand new Turnova Hotel. Participants get a drink and a snack at the newly opened top restaurant HERT on the 18th floor of the Turnova tower and a dinner on the 16th floor offered by Turnova and the Heeren group.


All the presentations, performances and events will be in the English language. You can register for the entire FRESH 19 conference or part of it.  

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