PCMA Convening Leaders 2024

111 W Harbor Dr., San Dieg (San Diego Convention Center)

23:00 - 23:00

At Convening Leaders 2024, you will be challenged to Think Bigger about the boundless potential of your career and the future of the business events industry.​

Let’s boldly explore the possibilities of a new year inspired by San Diego’s entrepreneurial spirit, cultural diversity, innovative research, and wellness benefits.​

Program overview

Think better (about your business event strategy)

Embark on a transformative journey to shape the future of your organization through exceptional business event strategy. Sessions in this track will help you think better, plan smarter, and create events that drive real business outcomes and lasting success. ​

Session topics include: ​​

  • How to improve your trade show operating and profit margins
  • Current trends, challenges and opportunities for citywide events
  • Ways to calculate and prove the ROI of your events with event data
  • The key to navigating potential destination boycotts
  • Planning, budgeting and tracking cost saving methods for cost-neutral event solutions
  • Lessons from event crisis response and risk mitigation

Think bolder (about your experience design)

This track is designed for forward-thinkers, visionaries, and creatives who are passionate about thinking bolder to push the boundaries of experience design and set new standards for attendee engagement.​

Session topics include: ​​

  • Inflation cost-saving ideas
  • Culinary trends and creative F&B presentation
  • Event innovations for association event improvement
  • Audience engagement for industry speakers
  • Guiding Principles in Experience Design highlights, including:Exploring
  • Identities & Emotional Data
  • Belonging & The Value of Values
  • AI use cases in event planning
  • Reimagined set design and keynote experiences
  • Holistic approaches to integrating sustainability into event design

Think bigger (about your career and leadership)

Whether you’re an aspiring event leader or a seasoned strategist looking to take your career to new heights, this track is designed to inspire, educate, and empower you to think bigger and achieve your loftiest career and leadership goals.​

Session topics include: ​​

  • How to pitch additional resources, new event ideas and more to the C-Suite
  • Career journey insights from event profs at early, mid and senior career levels
  • How high performers can combat anxiety
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging clients, toxic co-workers, demanding bosses and others
  • How to move DEI from compliance to impactful change
  • Strategies for advancing women into business event leadership roles
  • Why the path to professional fulfillment starts with your mental health

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